Moose's MMarvels



I have been working with steel since 1997. I have done just about everything from small garden pieces, to large sculptures for restaurants and municipalities. I also have a production line of custom garden sculptures and home décor pieces, which I sell at various art festivals around the Northeast. While I mostly do smaller pieces for the garden or home, my real passion is making larger sculptures. Sculpting is a passion and I love to design, create, and push the boundaries of my medium.

All of my work is created from steel.  Using a combination of old and new techniques, I am able to create just about anything. I think of myself as a bit of a “new age blacksmith”.  I believe that my work is unique because of my attention to detail as well as my use of vibrant color.  Unlike most blacksmiths, I use a variety of automotive paints and clear coats to produce stunning lifelike features. This also protects the look, and longevity of my pieces, even in the harshest weather conditions.